Clients who are new to executive search may well wonder why they should use this method to fill senior management positions rather than the contingency method they use for lower level positions. There are several reasons:-

It is the only way to access premium candidates

High calibre candidates of leadership potential will not necessarily be registered with recruitment agencies. Many will be happy and successful in their current role but some may consider a move for the right challenge. The only way to reach such individuals is to approach them directly in a discreet and professional manner. We do this on your behalf.  

It saves you time and money

Executive search can save you a lot of the time, disappointment and expense that often comes with trying to hire senior or specialised people. By approaching a broad range of high calibre potential candidates, we are able to ascertain key information such as qualifications and experience, potential interest in a move and current and expected salary. We then interview suitable candidates, presenting you with a shortlist of pre-screened candidates who are interested in the position, qualified to do it and within your budget.

It protects your reputation

Broadcasting gaps in your leadership team can send out the wrong message to the market. In some cases, the same candidate can be called numerous times about the same position, giving the impression that you are either unprofessional, desperate or both. By approaching potential candidates in a highly professional and confidential manner on your behalf, we can preserve your anonymity and integrity until the time is right to reveal your identity.

It means your position gets the attention it deserves

Booming global and emerging markets mean recruitment agencies have no shortage of vacancies to fill. This means that your vacancy can easily get pushed to the back of the queue, particularly if there are easier positions to fill or clients who are paying a higher fee than you. By retaining Talentstone Search, you ensure that your position receives the undiluted attention of a professional until the job is done.

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