Investment Management 


Our Investment Management Practice is often faced with challenging and complex mandates. Our team consistently succeeds in recruiting the highest calibre investment management and private equity professionals from across and outside the continent. We have harnessed an impressive track record of sourcing candidates across all products, functions and geographies, using proven recruitment methodologies.


We partner with a number of traditional investment/asset managers from direct equity investors and pension funds to high yield real estate investment funds, whether it be a single product investor such as emerging market equity funds or a multi-asset portfolio across equities, fixed income, infrastructure, NFTs and real estate financing etc. We are well networked and know how individuals from an investment analyst/research analyst level to Head of Portfolio Management/Region/Strategy.

Talentstone Search presents a ‘comprehensive solution’, using an approach that proactively seeks out the most appropriate talent across all functional areas and career levels within banking, financial technology and capital markets segments of the financial services industry. 

 Through use of fincapSTAR, our proprietary search service, our clients are guaranteed candidate provision of ‘talented’ performers who will contribute significant value to their businesses and assist them to stand out in the very competitive global financial services industry.

Our Comprehensive Investment Management Search Offerings

Talentstone Search’s Investment Management team offer a wide range of executive talent solutions designed to enrich your financial landscape:

1.  Portfolio Construction & Diversification: Benefit from our executive talent with a meticulous approach to portfolio construction, blending asset classes and diversifying investments to optimize growth and mitigate risk.

2. Risk Management & Preservation: Safeguard your wealth with our executive talent offering robust risk management strategies, protecting your assets against market fluctuations and unforeseen events.

3.  Performance Monitoring & Reporting: Our executive talent keeps you stay informed and in control with comprehensive performance reports, providing transparency into your portfolio's progress and aligning with your financial objectives.

4.    Sustainable and Impact Investing: Enrich your investment journey with our executive talent focusing on sustainable and impact-focused strategies, generating positive societal change while pursuing financial growth.  

Empower Your Financial Future

Elevate your financial future with Talentstone Search's Investment Management executive search offerings. Partner with our team to uncover the boundless potential of your asset & wealth management firm, transform your aspirations into reality, and create a legacy of prosperity that endures.

The team recruits across all strategies and other alternative vehicles from Analyst to Principals/Managing Director levels covering the following areas:

·        Portfolio Managers

·        Equity/Credit Analysts

·        Investment & Research Analysts (Buy & Sell Side)

·        Macro Economists & Strategists

·        Proprietary Trading and Principal Investments

·        Product Specialists

·        Asset Allocation & Portfolio Attribution

·        Execution Traders

·        Performance & Investment Risk Specialists

·        Restructuring and Turnaround Management

·        Investment Operations