Global Markets

The Global Markets Practice is split into asset classes with each consultant focusing on a specific asset class, meaning that each consultant has a very deep understanding of the vertical in which they operate. This allows us to formulate a comprehensive overview of trends and movements across each vertical.

The Global Markets Practice is committed to finding the best opportunities for candidates within our client base, which consists of leading sell-side firms and buy side firms, as well as well as 3rd party vendors and many of the exchanges. Many of our consultants are ex-industry professionals ensuring our understanding of the roles we work on and ability to tailor to specific client and candidate needs is second to none. Our consultants’ long-standing experience and ongoing financial training gives them a firm grasp of the different products within their particular markets, as well as knowledge of key players and industry developments.


We have worked hard to develop long-lasting relationships with our clients, allowing us to save them valuable time and effort when embarking on new recruitment campaigns. The nature of these relationships and specialist understanding of the roles means that, wherever possible, we are able to give candidates an in-depth overview of the roles we are working on and a clear briefing on our clients’ culture, values and modus operandi.

Talentstone Search presents a ‘comprehensive solution’, using an approach that proactively seeks out the most appropriate talent across all functional areas and career levels within banking, financial technology and capital markets segments of the financial services industry. 

 Through use of fincapSTAR, our proprietary search service, our clients are guaranteed candidate provision of ‘talented’ performers who will contribute significant value to their businesses and assist them to stand out in the very competitive global financial services industry.

Our Comprehensive Executive Search Solutions

Talentstone Search’s Global Capital Markets Executive Search Services encompass a wide range of solutions tailored to your organization's unique needs:

1. C-Suite & Board Appointments: Secure top-tier C-suite executives and board members who can drive your organization's strategic vision and foster sustainable growth.

2. Market & Industry Experts: Access visionary experts with in-depth market knowledge and a proven track record in navigating the complexities of global capital markets.

3. Transformational Leaders: Discover transformational leaders who can capitalize on emerging trends and technologies, positioning your organization at the forefront of innovation.


Empower Your Financial Future

Elevate your organization's financial future with Talentstone Search as your partner. Experience the transformative impact of exceptional leaders in global capital markets who propel your business to new heights of success.

Our main expertise covers recruitment across Equities, Foreign Exchange, Money Markets, Cash, Commodities and Fixed Income/Rates in the following areas:


·        Origination and Sales

·        Trading

·        Sales-Trading

·        Portfolio Management / Strategy

·        Dealing

·        Research

·        Structuring

·        Settlements Operations

·        Product Control

·        Securitization

Empower your executive talent pool with Talentstone Search's Global Markets Executive Search Services. Connect with our dedicated team of executive search professionals today and embark on a journey of visionary appointments that redefine the very essence of financial excellence. Let us be your catalyst for transformative leadership—reach out now and shape a future of unrivaled success in the world of capital markets.