Talentstone Search offers three core services – Executive Search, Board Services and Leadership Consulting. Together, these services help you identify, manage and develop your leadership talent, enabling you to seize opportunities and manage risks in today’s fast-moving business environment.


Leadership requirements continue to evolve, but the need for high-performing executives remains constant. Identifying and attracting this talent requires a rigorous approach, a thorough understanding of different industries and functional roles, unrivalled access to senior executives and impeccable judgment. Talentstone Search consultants apply real insight into clients’ strategic requirements and proven assessment tools to recruit leaders who have the necessary skill, experience and personal qualities to advance company strategies and achieve outstanding results.

With more than 35 concentrated areas of expertise, consultants collaborate with affiliates around the world to bring the right specialized industry, functional and geographic knowledge to each assignment. We have a far-reaching network of relationships with top executives across all industries, giving us an expansive view of nearly 3 million leaders in every function and sector of business. Executives trust us to bring them opportunities that represent a good fit with their capabilities and ambitions.

Our clients value us for our deep expertise, valuable insight, honest advice and commitment to the success of clients and candidates. Nearly two-thirds of our assignments are for clients for whom we have done previous work.


The presence of a strong, independent and effective board is increasingly critical to the success of every organization. We help clients around the world build qualified, experienced and diverse boards; appoint non-executive chairmen; advise on board succession and corporate governance issues; and provide tailored board assessment services. We collaborate with clients to ensure that our clients have unrivalled access to the best existing and potential director talent, and regularly assist boards in increasing the diversity of their composition.

Our clients include public, private equity-backed, major private and family-owned companies, as well as start-ups and non-profit organizations. Our experienced consultants have deep knowledge of how boards and their committees work. We understand the pressures on boards to evolve with the changing business environment, as well as the need to reflect diverse thinking.

Our board services include:

Board Advisory

We advise board and committee chairmen on governance best practice and counsel them on succession planning, director orientation and ongoing education.

Board Assessment

Using a methodology refined over many years, we customize board assessments for clients around the world that result in more effective, higher-performing boards.

Director Recruitment

With our unparalleled access to and knowledge of the candidate pool, we help place outstanding directors who add value to the boards they join.



Research has proven time and again that the quality of the senior leadership team has a dramatic impact on company performance. The stakes for leadership decisions continue to rise as companies transform themselves through new strategies, different product mixes, and expansion into new markets and geographies in response to changing competitive and marketplace dynamics. We help companies with a broad range of leadership and talent issues, including:

Aligning culture and talent strategy with business strategy

We provide insight about how the culture, organizational structure and leadership capabilities and styles support the business strategy and recommend ways to improve the alignment of culture, talent and strategy.

Merger integration support

We partner with clients to define the capabilities required for critical roles in the merged company and provide accurate and objective information about individual strengths, weaknesses and styles in order to select, retain and integrate the right people for the business.

Maximizing team effectiveness

We identify and measure the factors that have the greatest impact on the health of leadership teams, including relevant cultural and team dynamics, and provide advice for improving team performance and alignment with the future direction of the business.

Customized needs

We provide the insight into executive experience, leadership capabilities, style and aptitudes, as well as culture and team dynamics, that enable better leadership decisions at important junctures for the business, including the arrival of a new senior leader, a change in business strategy, and succession planning for the CEO and other top team positions.

Few leaders today question the importance of having the right individuals in key executive positions or underestimate the value that a healthy culture and high-performing teams provides to the business. Yet, diagnosing a misaligned culture, impediments to team effectiveness and the specific developmental needs of individuals can be challenging without the right tools and methodologies. We work with organizations to help them make better leadership decisions whatever the situation.


When critical leadership decisions need to be made — choosing between candidates in a merger or acquisition, building the right team after a CEO transition or new strategy implementation, or selecting the top CEO successor candidates and identifying their development needs — having accurate insight into executive talent allows organizations to make these decisions more confidently — and avoid costly mistakes.

We offer a proprietary approach to executive assessment that not only evaluates internal candidates' performance and relevant experience in current and past roles, but also the skills that speak to their ability to succeed in more complex and demanding contexts, including their analytical capabilities, social intelligence and self-awareness. Our multi-method approach to assessing senior-level executives is the most comprehensive and predictive of leadership success. As a result, we are able to deliver actionable information about executive strengths, limitations and risks.

Too often, companies make critical hiring, promotion and development decisions based on inadequate, incomplete and undependable information. Our assessment approach provides accurate and objective information about key players’ strengths and weaknesses that enable organizations to make thoughtful, informed leadership decisions. These insights can point to development needs for individual executives, reveal opportunities to improve executive team effectiveness and help make distinctions between CEO finalist candidates.


An organization’s ability to place the right leader at the top has never been more important to its performance and sustainability. As expert advisers on candidate assessment and the CEO selection process with in-depth knowledge of best (and worst) practices on succession, Talentstone Search is uniquely qualified to assist boards with the important and complex task of CEO succession planning, helping organizations design a process that is effective, fair and credible.