Risk Management & Compliance

Our Risk Management and Compliance Practice specializes in delivering the best of breed Risk Management Professionals globally across both buy and sell side financial institutions. We understand the significant importance and emphasis that Risk Management plays in our current economic climate, which is why we are committed to delivering the industry's most talented Risk Professionals globally.


Our extensive understanding of the risk management & compliance market, coupled with long-standing client relationships and our ability to continually deliver the best global proactive risk management professionals, ensures that we are unrivalled in this complex and intricate market.


As emphasis on sound risk management and corporate governance practices deepens across the financial sector, the Risk & Compliance team specializes in providing our clients across the various spectrum of the market, with the best global risk candidates from Analyst to Board level. The Risk and Compliance Practice's key areas of specialism are Liquidity Risk Management, Operational Risk Management, Market Risk Management, Performance Measurement & Attribution and Credit Risk Management & Counterparty Risk Analysis, Anti Money Laundering & Customer Due Diligence, Legal, Internal Control/Audit and Compliance.

Talentstone Search presents a ‘comprehensive solution’, using an approach that proactively seeks out the most appropriate talent across all functional areas and career levels within banking, financial technology and capital markets segments of the financial services industry. 

 Through use of fincapSTAR, our proprietary search service, our clients are guaranteed candidate provision of ‘talented’ performers who will contribute significant value to their businesses and assist them to stand out in the very competitive global financial services industry.

Our Comprehensive Executive Search Solutions

Talentstone Search’s Risk Management & Compliance Search Services offer a wide range of solutions tailored to your organization's unique needs:

1. Chief Risk Officer (CRO): Secure visionary CROs who are strategic leaders and have a comprehensive understanding of risk management frameworks, enabling proactive risk mitigation.

2. Credit, Operational, & Market Risk Experts: Secure transformative credit risk, operational / enterprise risk, market / liquidity risk and counterparty risk professionals who are dynamic leaders and have a comprehensive understanding of risk management principles, issues, models and practices enabling proactive risk identification and monitoring.

3. Compliance & Governance Experts: Discover compliance and governance experts who ensure your organization adheres to industry regulations and best practices, fostering a culture of compliance excellence.

4. Cybersecurity & Data Protection Leaders: Identify leaders with expertise in cybersecurity and data protection, safeguarding your organization's critical assets from ever-evolving threats.

Empower Your Risk Resilience

Elevate your organization's risk resilience with Talentstone Search as your partner. Experience the transformative impact of exceptional risk management and compliance leaders who safeguard your success and reputation.

Within the above risk areas, the types of mandates we deliver are:


·       Chief Risk Officer / Risk Director / Head of Risk Management

·       Chief Compliance Officer / Head of Compliance / Compliance Officer

·       Chief Credit Officer / Head of Credit Risk Management

·       Head of Market Risk / Head of Risk Analytics

·       Head of Asset & Liability Management / ALM Specialist

·       Head of Operational Risk Management / Operational Risk Manager 

·       Company Secretary / Legal Adviser / Manager, Legal

·       Head of Investment Risk / Performance

·       Head of Internal Control & Audit / Internal Auditor

·       Anti-Money Laundering / CDD Officer / Financial Crime Risk

· Counterparty Risk Manager / Credit Risk Manager / Collateral Management

·       Risk Reporting Manager / Risk Modelling and Methodology

Empower your risk management and compliance journey with Talentstone Search's executive search offerings. Connect with our dedicated team of executive search professionals today and embark on a journey of visionary appointments that redefine the very essence of risk resilience. Let us be your catalyst for transformative leadership—reach out now and shape a future where risk management and compliance excellence drive your organization's lasting success.