Private Equity & Venture Capital

Our Private Equity & Venture Capital Practice is often faced with challenging and complex mandates. Our team consistently succeeds in recruiting the highest calibre private equity professionals from across and outside the North American and EMEA markets. We have harnessed an impressive track record of sourcing candidates across all products, functions, and geographies, using proven recruitment methodologies.


We partner with several private equity fund managers from angel investors or venture capital fund managers to leveraged buy-out and secondaries, whether it be a single sector investor or a multi-sector investor across venture capital, leveraged buy-out, growth equity, real estate, fund-of-funds, infrastructure, mezzanine, distressed funds, and secondaries etc. We are well networked and know individuals from Analyst/Associate level to Principals / Senior Partners / Managing Principals.


In addition, work with indirect private equity investors such as foundations, trusts, endowments, primary and secondary funds, and gatekeepers. We also partner with clients where we know their portfolio businesses and can assist in a variety of positions where transactions may be led by the business such as corporate development/internal acquisition positions to recruit talent who drive value creation for portfolio companies.

Talentstone Search presents a ‘comprehensive solution’, using an approach that proactively seeks out the most appropriate talent across all functional areas and career levels within banking, financial technology and capital markets segments of the financial services industry. 

 Through use of fincapSTAR, our proprietary search service, our clients are guaranteed candidate provision of ‘talented’ performers who will contribute significant value to their businesses and assist them to stand out in the very competitive global financial services industry.

Our Comprehensive Private Equity Executive Search Offerings

Talentstone Search's Private Equity Executive Search Services offer a tailored suite of solutions for your investment firm:

1. Identifying Visionary Leaders: We delve deep into your investment objectives, fund strategies, and portfolio companies to identify executives who align with your vision and possess the expertise to drive success.

2. Due Diligence and Assessment: Our rigorous evaluation process encompasses thorough due diligence, interviews, and psychometric assessments to identify executives with the right cultural fit and leadership capabilities.

3. Portfolio Company Leadership: Talentstone Search excels in finding executives to lead portfolio companies, transforming them into high-performance entities and driving value creation.

4. C-suite and Board Placements: From CEOs and CFOs to board members, we identify and secure top-tier talent to enhance the governance and strategic direction of your private equity portfolio.

Empower Your Private Equity Journey

Elevate your private equity journey with Talentstone Search as your trusted partner. Unleash the power of visionary investments, forge strategic partnerships, and shape the trajectory of your financial success. Unlock unparalleled growth with Talentstone Search's Private Equity Search team. 

The team recruits across all private equity strategies and vehicles covering the following areas:

·        Principals / MD / Partners

·        Vice President / Operating Partners

·        Investor Relations & Fundraising

·        Corporate Development & Strategy

·        Fund Accounting / Controlling

·        Portfolio Company (COO, CEO, CFO)

·        Performance & Investment Risk Specialists

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