Our search and selection activities are carried out through these activities:

·             Contingency & Retained Searches

·             Specific advertising in trade journals & magazines

·             Non-specific advertisements across all media – networking tools

·             University Career & Alumni Networks (Graduate orientated)

·             Move Back Africa Network (Diaspora Associations & Business Schools)

·       Referral/Recommendations from trusted sources – including current and previous candidates

·             Research based Headhunting – information gathering from all possible sources (i.e. referrals, internet research, conference indexes, etc.)

·    Talentstone Database Search – continual source of information for candidates & clients

·          Direct applications to the Talentstone  website and / or partner websites

·             Market Mapping and research team constantly driving searches


·         Experienced team of Consultants

·         Understand your business (Internal and External)

·         Service Level Agreements

·         Key Performance Indicators

·         Quarterly Performance Review