Our Distinctive Approach to Executive Search

At Talentstone Search, we take pride in our innovative approach to executive search. With a focus on precision, efficiency, and discretion, we have honed a proven methodology that consistently delivers outstanding results for our clients.

1. Immersive Consultation: Our journey together commences with a deep dive into your organization's culture, values, and strategic aspirations. We listen intently to your needs and challenges to develop a profound understanding of the leadership profile required to ignite your business success.

2. Comprehensive Market Mapping: Armed with industry-leading research capabilities, we conduct exhaustive market mapping to identify the brightest talent, both within and outside your sector. Our global network and local expertise allow us to cast a wide net while preserving an intimate knowledge of regional dynamics.

3. Elevating Diversity and Inclusion: We firmly believe that diversity is a catalyst for innovation and growth. As such, Talentstone Search is committed to presenting a diverse slate of candidates who bring a rich tapestry of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences to your leadership table.

4. Rigorous Assessment and Evaluation: Our expert team employs a multi-dimensional evaluation process to assess candidates' competencies, leadership acumen, and cultural fit. Beyond qualifications, we analyze their potential to drive transformative change and inspire excellence.

5. Seamless Integration and Onboarding: Finding the right executive is only the beginning. We support both our clients and placed candidates through a seamless onboarding process, ensuring a swift integration into the organization for a lasting, positive impact.

Talentstone Search's executive search process is driven by extensive research, first-hand industry knowledge and a deep understanding of the client’s business. Here’s how it works:-

Step by step

Client briefing

The foundation of the entire process. We take a comprehensive brief, if necessary helping clients identify the core competencies of the individual they are seeking.

Initial research

The assignment team (lead consultant plus researchers) draws up a list of potential target institutions. The researchers then painstakingly compile a list of potentially suitable candidates which is reviewed by the consultant.

Telephone contact

The consultant makes initial contact with potential candidates, describing the position, establishing the candidate’s credentials and finding out whether they find the opportunity attractive.

Compiling the shortlist

Next the consultant reviews the credentials of all candidates and formally interviews those who represent the best fit with the original specification. We then submit candidate evaluations and résumés of the most suitable candidates to the client.

Client/candidate interviews

We arrange candidate interviews in consultation with the client, ensuring that feedback from both parties is obtained in a timely manner.

We assist with negotiations, collating information on candidates’ existing remuneration and expectations and continuously managing expectations on both sides to ensure a reasonable result.

Offer and acceptance

We act as broker to the transaction, ensuring clear communication between both parties.  

This can be the most perilous phase of a search assignment. We guide the successful candidate through the often difficult process of resigning from their employer.

Commencement of employment

We maintain contact with the successful candidate, ensuring they start work on the agreed date.

Follow through

We continue to maintain regular contact with both the client and the new employee during the early period of employment to ensure that both parties remain satisfied.

The Talentstone Search's approach is founded on:

Understanding – we go to enormous lengths to understand our clients, devoting considerable time and energy to get to know their history, strategy, strengths, weaknesses and the challenges they face in their particular market. We believe this is time well invested as it enables us to identify candidates that fit the institution as well as the job.

Relationships – our success is built on developing open and very frank relationships with a comparatively small number of premium clients.

Knowledge – our excellent local knowledge and contacts give us access to the full pool of potential talent. Our specialised industry knowledge means we identify the right individuals in this pool.

Data – the quality and accuracy of the information on our database give us an unrivalled starting point. But we are careful never to rely on our database too heavily, believing that good data coupled with a proactive approach yields the best results.

Process – our rigorous search process is strictly applied across every assignment to ensure consistent quality.

Finesse – we have the discretion and delicacy required to handle often highly sensitive leadership positions.