Move Back Africa Network  

The African Diaspora is defined as: “peoples of African origin living outside the continent, irrespective of their citizenship and nationality and who are willing to contribute to the development of the continent.”


While there are nearly 1 billion people alone currently living in Africa, there are untold millions of Blacks living throughout the world and within the African Diaspora. The Diaspora is considered the “sixth region” of Africa. An estimate of the African Diaspora by region is: North America, 39.16 million; Latin America, 112.65 million; Caribbean, 13.56 million; and Europe, 3.51 million. Documented remittance flows to Sub-Saharan Africa are about US$10 billion but could be up to US$40 billion.


With the increasing awareness of the real and potential contributions of the African Diaspora to the development of the continent, we initiated this network as a major development initiative in Africa to help harness the expertise and resources of the Diaspora for improving skill shortages, talent diversity and competency skills and knowledge transfer in the various African countries. 

We aim to connect and engage the intellectual, financial, philanthropic and entrepreneurial capacity of Diaspora Africans in support of economic and social development across Africa.


The Move Back Africa Network engages in a portfolio of activities and continues to receive support through partnership with key career development centres of leading business and graduate schools across the US, Europe, Canada, Asia & the Middle East, African Student Associations in Graduate and Business Schools in developed countries. The Network also partner with international organizations in Africa, partner countries, partner donors, and African Diaspora Professional Networks to connect with diaspora Africans across the globe.


The Move Back Africa Network seeks to further enable and enhance the human and financial capital contributions of African Diasporas to the economic development of their home countries by connecting them with social and economic opportunities with organizations in Africa.

The database of the network is growing and will continue to focus on attracting human capital development in Africa through partnerships with organizations in Africa: private, public or non-profit; multinationals, indigenous large corporates, small and medium sized companies or start-ups; think tanks, advocacy groups and network of recruiters in Africa.

Are you an African professional in the diaspora looking to explore career, entrepreneurial or consultancy opportunities in Africa, we would love to connect with you. To join the Move Back Africa Network database, kindly register your interest here.

Are you an African based or African focused organisation looking for diaspora African talent, please get in touch with us.